Devision Lab Studios, a Motion Graphics and Animation Production Studio in Dallas, Texas, launched our new and improved website. Now showing off our unique aesthetic, our website highlights the studio’s impressive portfolio in visual effects.

As a studio made of graphic designers, artists, animators, and multimedia creators, it only made sense to offer a user-friendly website that is on par with our work for our clients. We are trusted by top brands internationally for our unique style and solutions to all media needs, whether in film, marketing, or anything in between.

The art of motion graphics and animation originally began as a tool for the movies to create life within something lifeless. Today, the industry has morphed into an art that is used among a wide variety of platforms. Most recently, marketing has found the importance and usefulness of our world, with 91% of marketers satisfied with ROI of video marketing on social media. Adding elements such as motion graphics and visual effects only increase the chance of more eyes on your product, making your information visually appealing.

But marketing aren’t the only people in the business for our work. As creatives, we have the imagination to bring short films and videos to life. Our latest project is called Ground Game in which our artists’ skills are put to the test for a ground-breaking short film. No matter what the task, we at12Tribes Creative are here to honor this distinctive artform and help bring your ideas to life.

Our new site not only honors the visual arts through our own work, though. We believe it is important to show off our creative comrades through a new feature call Caffeine & Creation, a Q&A blog that takes a deeper look into unique animators and creators and their work. Our studio began as one artist’s creative vision, so we believe it is our duty to support other creatives in our field. 

Since our humble beginnings in 2004, we’ve brought together artists of all different media—from 3D animation to video and audio to visual effects to motion graphics—to form a widely sought out design studio grounded in original art and graphic design. We are full of imagination, and our job is to help your media ideas reach their fullest potential. 

As we launch our new website, we also launch into a new era of our industry. Visual arts and media production are growing, and you need to get your feet wet in this industry if you want your brand, film or company to stand out. Contact Us today to find out more about how we can help you bring your work to life.

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