Project Description


House of Pain Ironwear approached us with a tricky proposition. We were asked to conceptualize, design and create their tribal-inspired logo and make it “even harder” than it already was. In addition, the design had to be high resolution for giant poster prints and T-shirt screenprinting.


Our solution was to recreate the House of Pain logo in 3D space and accompany it with a few additional hardcore elements. For starters, we gave their logo a chrome treatment that looked as if it was dragged on concrete. We also created a matching chain with a heavily spiked ball hanging from it.

In the event those elements were not hard enough, we designed a pair of sledge hammers with pistol-grip handles. We then finished it off with an old, corroded turquoise paintjob. The design went on to be insanely popular and one of their most sought-after prints.