Ground Game is one of my many personal, multi-purposed projects. It has been a side project in production for 2 years and the journey has been a creative escape-from-reality for me. The endeavor is 100% a Ty Woolridge Production from Director to Visual Effects to Editing.

The project keeps my mind racing when I should be asleep late at night. The project consumes my thoughts to no end. When I reverse-engineer an amazing VFX sequence of a blockbuster movie, I am in deep thought about my own obsession.

During my pilgrimage into the depths of Nuke, After Effects, Cinema 4D and other supporting apps, I have absorbed an insane amount of knowledge. I love to constantly challenge myself while raising the bar to Olympic levels every time. This crazy ride has overwhelmingly provided those challenges. Long after any sane individual has thrown their hands up in defeat, I’ll still be burning the midnight oil until Ground Game reaches my ridiculous and meticulous level of approval.

Every artist relentlessly chases their Holy Grail. This is mine.