User Engagement through Gamification: A Case Study of the Platform’s Dashboard Spin Wheel

Project Extend recently introduced a new dashboard aimed at providing users with a more intuitive and streamlined experience. To encourage user engagement, the company implemented a gamification feature where users can spin a virtual wheel for a chance to win a range of exciting prizes. This case study examines the effectiveness of this gamification strategy in incentivizing users to utilize the dashboard actively.


The gamification feature was seamlessly integrated into the dashboard interface. Users were prompted to spin the wheel upon logging in or accessing specific sections of the dashboard. Each spin offered users the opportunity to win various prizes, including money, extended trial periods for premium features, exclusive access to webinars, or branded merchandise.

The User Flow:

Monitoring and Analysis:

The platform closely monitored user interaction with the dashboard before and after the introduction of the spin wheel feature. Key metrics such as the frequency of dashboard visits, duration of sessions, and user feedback were analyzed to assess the impact of gamification on user engagement.

Results Achieved:

  • Increased User Engagement:
    Following the introduction of the spin wheel feature, the platform observed a significant increase in user engagement metrics. The number of dashboard visits per user increased by 35%, indicating a higher level of interest and interaction.
  • Extended Session Duration:
    Users spent more time exploring different sections of the dashboard, with the average session duration increasing by 20%. This suggests that the gamification element encouraged users to explore additional features and functionalities.
  • Positive User Feedback:
    User feedback regarding the spin wheel feature was overwhelmingly positive. Many users expressed excitement about the chance to win prizes and appreciated the added element of fun to their dashboard experience.
  • Retention and Loyalty:
    The gamification feature not only attracted new users but also contributed to increased retention rates. Users who actively participated in the spin wheel activity were more likely to continue using the dashboard regularly, leading to improved customer loyalty.

The implementation of a gamification spin wheel feature proved to be highly effective in incentivizing users to actively engage with the platform’s dashboard. By tapping into the human desire for rewards and excitement, the company succeeded in fostering a deeper connection with its user base and driving sustained usage of the platform. This case study highlights the potential of gamification as a powerful tool for enhancing user engagement and promoting positive user behaviors.

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